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Welcome to The Official IRS Robotics Webshop

IRS Robotics is a noted world wide supplier of used and refurbished industrial robots and robot parts. We are fully independant and we are located in Europe (The Netherlands). Our main goal is to supply high quality used robots and robot spare parts so you will have a fast Ruturn of Investment and low purchase costs. Our favourite sport is to find out how we can supply the same quality for less money!

This webshop is just at a start up stage. That is the reason why we have just few articles to sell through the webshop at the moment.
Beside that, many robot parts are not suited to be sold through a webshop. Often you will need extra additional information or technical support to be sure it is the right article.

Do you want to buy something that you found through our main website? No problem, just contact us!

Join our vision! You´re welcome.

The IRS Robotics Sales team

Est. 2002

IRS Robotics..Est. 2002

We are 100% robotics! Do you want to experience IRS Robotics? Just visit us. Yes, we have an actual building, real engineers and good coffee. We are not just resellers. You're welcome! We have very large customers, very small customers and everything in between. But we apply the same support and starting points for all customers: IRS Robotics stands for transparency, fast communication, low overhead costs and no needless costs or snags in business deals. Do you want to buy something through our webshop but don´t have a Paypal account? Just contact us.

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